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Have you ever been inside a real Maze?

If you have, you probably know you can easily get lost! This selection of 12 mazes will challenge your ability to get oriented as you try to find the exit. To help you out you can look at the stars on the sky. As the mazes get more difficult you will find tunnels (green spots on the floor) which allow you to jump across another path. Tunnels shown as red rectangles are "closed" and cannot be entered. In some mazes you will also find some dead-ends with distinct colored walls to help you recognize the terrain. A sample view from inside a maze is shown to the right.

How to play.

Use the forward and backward arrow keys to move through the maze, and the the left and right arrows to turn. To go through a Tunnel, first position yourself on top of a green spot and then use the forward arrow key to jump through.

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