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What is a Dynamic Maze?
Dynamic Mazes are changing mazes. As you move through the maze certain paths will close, while others will open. These mazes have been inspired after Robert Abbott's Sliding Door Maze, which you can find on his incredible Logic Mazes web site. A sample maze is shown to the right.

How are the paths Opened and Closed?
Mazes in this site use Tunnels in order to allow paths to cross each other. Tunnels can be either open or closed. You can either open or close Tunnels by passing over certain Switches which you will find along some paths. You will find some mazes have a simple solution. Others will require for you to find the right combination of opening and closing of paths so you can get to the Exit.

What do I need to play with these Mazes?
In order to play, you need to have a Java compatible browser with version 3.0 or higher of the Java Virtual Machine. To check which version you have or to download the latest version click here.

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