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NEW Dynamic Mazes - A collection of mazes inspired by Robert Abbot's Sliding Door Maze. The tunnels in these mazes can be opened or closed by walking over switches placed around the maze. They are much more difficult than they appear! Click here to play. NEW Inside View Mazes - Get inside a Maze and solve it! A collection of 12 mazes to challenge your orientation and problem solving skills. Click here to go the Inside View Mazes home page.
NEW Crossing Path Mazes - You can now try to solve a selection of very tough mazes from my collection of mazes with tunnels, which are much harder than a typical maze. Click here, to go to the Crossing Path Mazes home page. NEW Mazes in the Dark! - Try to solve these 12 mazes in which you cannot see the map of the maze, other than the outline and the paths are painted only as you go through them. A new kind of challenge! Click here to play.
NEW MazeCreator application - If you want to create and save your own Mazes, click here. NEW MazeSolver application - To solve your own Maze creations or your friends'. Including Instant Replay, Auto-Solve and Inside View (3D like) features. Click here to play!.
NEW Partial View Mazes - Try to solve these 12 mazes in which you can only see part of the maze. Not as easy as it sounds! Click here to play. A Collection of Labyrinths including some classical and historical ones, for you to relax and go through the single path or to let the app do it for you. You can trace or color the path as you go along, creating beautiful and colorful patterns. Click here to play.
Maze Games - Play games to learn spelling and numbers while solving simple mazes. Click here to play. Robot Programming - Learn basic programming skills by teaching a Robot simple tricks and how to solve a maze. Click here to play.
A Sample of Mazes - Ranging from the very simple to medium complexity, to put your solving abilities to the test. Click here to play. Development and testing area for JavaScript functions. click here.

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